Preschool Pediatrics | Health Plus Medial Centre

Welcome to our clinic!
We are focused on providing care to children 10 years and under.

Welcome to our clinic!
We are focused on providing care to children 10 years and under.


Drs. Bodnarchuk and Bynkoski operate a shared practice, meaning that your child will have two physicians caring for them. You may see either physician at your child’s visit. When your child turns ten years of age, we will encourage you to transition their care to another provider. When your child turns eleven years of age they will graduate from our care.

We have a strong belief in preventative care. We will discuss recommended vaccinations at each visit and encourage your child to be up to date with them.

Routine well child checkups are offered at 2 weeks, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18 months, 2 years, then yearly after that.

Our patient’s health information is confidential and is accorded utmost seriousness. We will never release your child’s health information without consent or otherwise compelled by law.

Our pediatric team consists of two pediatricians and a clinical assistant. Well child visits will start with an assessment by the clinical assistant who will; weigh and measure your child, review and administer recommended vaccinations, and provide necessary teaching on a wide variety of primary health promotion and prevention topics. You will always see a pediatrician at each and every visit.


Caregivers are responsible for accurate and up to date MB Health card information. For every visit, come with your child’s health card. Notify our staff in case of any change to your address or telephone numbers. Insured services to children without a valid MB Health number will be billed directly to the caregiver.


Child disability tax credit forms carry a charge for completion of $50. We request you outline in writing what challenges your child has that entitles them to receive this benefit. We are required to give specific examples to the assessors. We have no control or influence in who gets approved for this credit but the more detailed the claim is the more success in being approved. You do not need to book an appointment for the completion of this form, simply drop it off with your supplementary information and we will call you when it is ready to be picked up. Payment will be due at that time. If follow up paperwork is required to further support the claim there will be an additional charge of $50.

Paperwork for daycare applications/camps/CRA and other purposes is also not covered by Manitoba Health and will be $50. Depending on how extensive it is, it may require you to pick it up on a separate day and/or require a physical examination.


We strive to run on time. We value your time and those of all our patients and caregivers. A pediatric practice is a community and requires that all members of the community respect each other. Please make every effort to select appointment times that allow for you to arrive on time. Your appointment time is dedicated for the physician to see your child. If you arrive late it means that in order to see your child, we must make the next family wait. As such, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to check in and we will do our best to see you on time. Arriving late to your appointment will require that it be rescheduled.

We understand that young children don’t do well with extended waiting. Sometimes an unscheduled emergency may occur, and we ask for your patience if this does happen. If you are waiting an unusually long time, please accept our apology and feel free to reschedule your appointment.

A limited number of visits in the afternoon will be reserved for same day, urgent appointments. To secure a same day appointment please call reception in the morning.

Let our staff know of any high feverbreathing problems, or rashes on arrival so we can make sure your child does not need to be isolated on arrival.

Our office does not tolerate any form of rude, aggressive, or confrontational conduct towards staff or other patrons and will result in dismissal from our practice.


Parents will be notified of test results over the phone. If results are abnormal, or if you require further management or investigations, a follow-up appointment may be required. If you have not heard from our office within 14 days, please call our receptionist.


If you have been referred to a specialist and have not been contacted regarding your consultant appointment within 2 weeks, please call our office and we will follow up on the referral.


Pre-operation physicals need to be completed in office with an examination. If your child has had a recent check-up you may still need to return to clinic for another assessment for completion of these forms.


It is difficult to return a call during a busy office day. Please discuss your concern with our staff and they will advise you whether an appointment is necessary. It is better to make an appointment so that your concern can be addressed in person.


We do not provide on-call coverage via phone evenings and weekends. We will be contacted by the lab should there be any urgent results that need to be reviewed. We are located next door to Health Plus walk-in clinic where a team of Family Doctors provide services 7 days a week, including evenings. Their computer system is linked to ours so they will have access to your child’s chart and any instructions we have left about your child’s care.


When indicated your child will be given a prescription for enough medication to last until the next visit. Please plan to make a follow up appointment before the medication runs out.

We don’t provide any medical management or advice through the mail, email, or fax due to PHIA privacy and regulatory concerns. The provincial privacy regulations do not allow patients to communicate with administrative staff regarding specifics of test results. All medical issues should be addressed to your physician during your appointment.